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About Us

iGoSafely has been created out of the growing concern for Public Safety. Everyday newspapers and news channels are filled with articles of kidnappings, rapes and murders. And these are just the accounted ones. The need for preventive measures is of the utmost importance, both at a public level as well as at a personal level.

This is where we step in. iGoSafely aims to make you feel safer and secure while you, your kids, family and close ones are out in public, away from the safety of their own home. iGoSafely is targeted at women, teens and children who have to travel between lonely areas, have to use public transport and have to be in any such circumstances where they may be vulnerable to harm. Concern for the safety of loved ones is something we understand and take very seriously, and we express this concern in the form of a revolutionary application which only has to be installed on your regular Android based smartphone

Once installed, iGoSafely converts that phone into an SOS beacon when the user feels threatened or in any potential danger. In case of an emergency iGoSafely immediately sends out alerts to all the listed contacts with the GPS coordinates of the phone via SMS and Email. Emergency contacts are also sent a link to the users iGoSafely page on which the whereabouts of the phone(GPS tracking) and detailed logs are updated. And all this is done at just the shake of your phone or a tug on the headphone cable.

Currently in Beta, iGoSafely is constantly being worked on and improved to provide you with the highest level of safety, both for you and your loved ones. Leave us your feedback for features you feel are necessary and we will try to implement them in future versions of the app.

What People Are Saying

Great app – practical and useful I’ve been using this app for awhile now and really like the peace of mind. Once set up, I have an extra avenue for emergency communication if needed. Will be installing on my wife’s phone and both my parents this weekend!!

Scott Foeller

Used iGoSafely Mobile App. Its working Great!!!


These guys go above and beyond. A really great resource for anyone that needs a safely application.