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How to use

IGoSafely is an extremely user friendly app, designed so that it can be used by anyone. Keeping that in mind, we have designed and developed the app so that it’s extremely easy to setup.The following three steps are a one time To Do list that you have to check off when you install the app for the first time.


Registering your device with IGoSafely.

The first time you install IGoSafely you will be asked to sign in with your Google ID. This ID already tied to your Android handset, all you have to do is approve our app to use it. What you are doing here is letting us use this e-mail id to create a profile for you on You can log into your profile to check your previous alerts, link your facebook and twitter accounts and go through your account history.


Adding Emergency contacts.

Once you have Setup your e-mail account, Go to “Contacts” on the Home screen of the app and add one or more emergency contacts. These are the people to whom updates of your whereabouts will be sent to when IGoSafely is Armed so make make sure that the contacts you add are people who can come pick you up in case you are in need of help.


Setting your Disarm Code.

The first time you try Arm IGoSafely, you will be asked to enter a code and to re-type it and confirm. This is your Disarm code. The code you set here will be used to disarm the app in future. You can change your disarm code if you need to by going into ‘Disarm Code’ which is listed in the ‘Configuration’.

Steps during daily usage

Arming and Disarming
To activate IGoSafely’s tracking and alert features press the big Green button on the Home tab of the app. This should be done every time you step out of your house, on your way home from work, or any such situation where it may be necessary. Arming the app readies it in case there is a need for you to set off the Alarm.
Mobile shake / Unplugging your headset
If you do not have a headset at hand or plugged in, don’t worry, the Alarm can be sounded even without that. All you have to do is shake your handset vigorously for a couple of seconds.
Silent Alarm Activation
Punching in the wrong Disarm code silents the Siren while continuously and periodically sending Strategic GPS tracking data to your Alarm page. The silent alarm let you keep using the all the features of our personal safety application, without alerting your pursuer.
Turning OFF all Protection.
When you are done travelling and are sure about your safety, just press the Armed/Disarm button and type in the correct Disarm code. An update informing your emergency contacts about your safety will immediately be sent out.