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Our Features

Ready to use in 3 simple steps

The iGoSafely app is extremely simple to setup. Once installed on your Android device all you have to do is complete these 3 Steps.


Add your Emergancy Contatc


Set your Disarm code


Arm the app when you travel.

Our Features

Cell Status

Our app instantly shows you all the critical details like your GPS signal strength, Network connectivity and battery information. You can even set iGoSafely to sound the alarm should your cell connection drop below 5%.

E-mail & SMS

Every time the iGoSafely app is armed and activated, we send an update to you and your emergency contacts with a link to your IGoSafely status page. In case you aren’t connected to the Internet on your mobile device, SMS updates are also sent out.

GPS Pings

Once activated, our app keeps pinging your tracking page with your closest GPS coordinates making it easier for your emergency contacts to find you and come help you out. The iGoSafely app will continue to silently update your position until turned off using the disarm code

Stealth Activation

iGoSafely is the only personal safety app on the market in which you don’t have to turn on the screen of your mobile device to sound the Alarm. We have taken it a step further with the headset activation feature, making it possible to alert your contacts without even reaching for your phone.